With all our services, we provide trend reports, analytic reports and goal progress reports on the 1st of every month. These reports will reflect the previous month. If you’re not familiar with marketing analytics and jargon, no worries. Our reports are all easy to read and understand for optimal communication and efficiency. Every 6-month period we will also provide a comprehensive report showing the progress we’ve made since the beginning of our working together. These reports are to serve as clear indicators of our progress and your return on investment. You’ll have the option of choosing to have all reports and important documents uploaded into a Google Drive folder shared with your G-mail, and/or having them sent individually to your email. We suggest letting us create a folder for your business in our Google Drive, so all your important information is in one place.


Social media content management (SMCM) is one of our most in-depth services. This is because we plan to post on each social media platform 3-5 times per week. Each post is unique and requires strategic planning to send the message you want your audience to receive. Included in our SMCM package is audience engagement. We will like, reply to and repost appropriate audience replies. Constant monitorization and posting is required from us to reach your set social media goals and increase traffic to your business.

Our process:

  1. Create a list of your goals and objectives

  2. Receive social media login info for the accounts we will be managing

  3. If we will be managing a Facebook page, activate Facebook Insights and record an analytic baseline from other social media analytic programs

  4. Set a posting schedule

  5. Plan week by week social media posts and schedule them

  6. Monitor social media and create monthly reports



A successful Facebook ad campaign will get your business name in front of people who may have otherwise not heard of you. Facebook ads allow us to target your ideal demographic and craft a message that appeals to their interests. Together we’ll set an ad budget and Facebook will automatically stop running your ad when no more funds from your budget are available. There are multiple options for where to send users who engage with your ad.


A few of the options include:

  • Creating a temporary landing page where prospective customers/clients enter their personal information including their name, email, phone number and any other necessary information

  • Sending users to your website

  • Sending users to your Facebook page or other social media pages


If we create a landing page and attain prospective customer/client information, we’ll organize all the information and upload it to your Google Drive as a Sheets document.

Our process:

  1. Create a list of demographic characteristics of your ideal customer/client

  2. Discuss and set an ad budget

  3. Design a sales funnel

  4. Design the ad

  5. Select target user characteristics and demographics based on your ideal customer/client

  6. Run ad until no more funds are available from your budget



Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to rank high in Google and other popular search engines. Ranking high in Google guides users to your website due to your businesses popping up as one of the first results. SEO can be improved by incorporating popular search terms for your industry into the text of your webpage and tagging photos. We’ll create a report with top search keywords in your industry and seamlessly integrate them into your website. An SEO test will be run on your website both before and after our improvements so we can see where you should be ranking in google. If we can’t access the backend of your website in order to rewrite content, we’ll write out the same content with keywords, directions on where to place the text and upload it to your Google Drive folder to give to your web developer.

Our process:

  1. Run an SEO test on your website

  2. Put together a research report of popular keywords in your industry

  3. Rewrite content on your website to be search optimized

  4. Tag photos

  5. Run another SEO test and compare results



Google Ads is similar to SEO in that they both rank your business website higher in Google. The main difference is SEO is completely organic and free to do, whereas Google Ads is paid advertising that increases your search rank only while you’re willing to pay. To publish an ad on Google Ads, you will need to bid on certain keywords and pay a set amount for each click where a user is taken to your website. We can offer advice on what is an acceptable rate to pay per click which will potentially turn into a sale.  

Our process:

  1. Determine which keywords will result in the highest click-through rate for the best price value

  2. Bid on the keywords you selected

  3. Create the ad and publish it



Blogs are a great way to improve your website’s SEO and engage with your prospective customers/clients. More customers will visit your website to read your blog. The only downside… blogs are very time intensive. We’ll read your past posts, research your blog topic and then write a post matching your business’s tone of voice. Our blog posts will be sent to you for approval before posting to ensure they’re up to your standards.


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